The cost of website SEO service packages in Vietnam

The cost of SEO service packages often varies depending on the size and scope of the SEO project, as well as the unique requirements of each business. However, here are some reference information about the cost of SEO service packages:
  • Basic SEO package: This service package usually costs from 2 to 5 million VND per month. The basic SEO package includes site optimization, keyword search and analysis, content updates, link building, and periodic reports.
  • Intensive SEO package: This service package costs from 5 to 10 million VND per month. The Intensive SEO package includes the activities of the basic SEO package and adds more in-depth activities such as market analysis, competitor analysis, strategic keyword research, and website improvement.
  • Custom SEO package: This service package usually costs from 10 million VND or more per month. Custom SEO packages are tailored for each business based on the specific needs and requirements of each SEO project. This package includes the activities of the intensive SEO package and adds other custom activities to achieve the best results for your business.
In addition, SEO companies also provide other SEO services such as website optimization, link building, Google Ads advertising, Facebook Ads advertising, and others. The costs for these services also vary depending on the size and scope of the project. However, if your business wants to achieve the best results, it is advisable to choose intensive or customized SEO service packages to ensure effective optimization for your website.

About SEO Services in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most economically developed cities in Vietnam, with many competing businesses, companies, shops, services and products. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary to bring your business and products to customers in the fastest and most effective way. Here are some SEO services in HCMC:
  • SEO Consulting: This service helps businesses get expert advice on search engine optimization to improve the ranking of the website in the search results.
  • Content Optimization: This service helps businesses optimize the content on the website to meet the requirements of search engines and attract users.
  • Keyword optimization: This service helps to find and use the right keywords to enhance the visibility of your website on search engines.
  • Link Building: This service helps to create quality links between websites, increasing credibility and helping to increase the ranking of your website on search engines.
  • Google Ads: This service helps businesses advertise on Google to accelerate customer acquisition and enhance the effectiveness of their online marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing service: This service helps businesses create engaging content that responds to customer needs and interests and attracts more visitors on the website.
  • Website Evaluation and Management Service: This service helps businesses evaluate and manage their website to enhance the effectiveness of their SEO strategy.
With a wide selection of SEO services, businesses in Ho Chi Minh City can search and choose.

Professional SEO services in Vietnam

What conditions does professional SEO include?

Professional SEO is an SEO practice that involves a long process so it's not like it only lasts one to two months. Professional SEO is a smart marketing method and comprehensive support for business websites that are gradually becoming professional. Professional SEO includes a wide range of actions and service packages that focus mainly on optimizing the Website for businesses as well as upgrading the keywords of the Website included.

The difference between professional SEO and traditional SEO

Professional SEO:

Theoretically, professional SEO is working with a huge number of keywords that can include up to thousands of words that cover all of the customers' search keywords. The second difference is that professional SEO does not need to be updated too often because this method from the beginning has strictly complied with Google's terms, so it is very sustainable. Ensures the input of monthly traffic and tends to increase steadily over time.

Traditional SEO style:
  • Traditional SEO is completely different from professional SEO, if professional SEO includes a large number of keywords, then traditional SEO only includes a number of simpler and more important keywords, does not go too deep and also does not include keywords. cover all topics.
  • Traditional SEO also does not strictly follow Google's algorithms like professional SEO, there will always be some way to cheat traffic but because of that, the position of the Website is not stable. Therefore, traditional SEO needs to be constantly updated.
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The advantages of a professional SEO service package

Based on the difference of professional SEO with other SEO services, professional SEO brings many advantages of different branches of SEO services. At Viet SEO, professional SEO is always a service package chosen by many businesses because of the following advantages:
  • Extremely safe for business websites: Professional SEO is an SEO service that SEOs (also known as SEO-er) strictly adhere to Google's website scanning algorithms and regulations. Professional SEO completely eliminates cases of fraud or violation of Google's policy rules such as using copy orders on existing articles, bad quality Backlink sources or Backlinks from illegal trading sources, Unauthorized and violates Google's algorithm terms, etc. If in some SEO service packages, it may fall into the case of "cheat" or "circumvention of the law" so as not to directly violate Google's algorithm terms in order to If you have a high position on the rankings, professional SEO services must not fall into the above cases and must 100% comply with the rules set by search engines like Google.
  • High sustainability that business websites receive: Also because of being carefully made from the beginning and taking great care of each article, Websites after performing professional SEO services often have a high and fixed position. less prone to change too many times to scan the website ranking of the Google algorithm. Because of not "doing the law", SEO-ers have to work with high intensity continuously from the beginning to ensure that they catch the trend of thousands of other words installed on the Website.
  • Ensure a steady increase in Traffic every month: Because there is a fixed high ranking through many Google Website quality checks, the quality of Website Traffic after using professional SEO services is guaranteed and there is an increasing trend every month. For some of the businesses we have worked with. At this time, they often choose to add additional SEO service packages to turn high traffic into potential traffic that is more likely to become customers using our products and services. Surname.

Professionalism and prestige are the things that constitute SEO services

As we mentioned above, the rapid development of information technology has led to an increase in the demand for human resources related to SEO Marketing. To be able to meet the number of human resources. The necessary and sufficient force for the SEO Marketing field, which requires experience and working time for us, is not reasonable.

For the thought of the SEO staff at Viet SEO, the actual work experience and product quality obtained through the service times will eliminate the problem that requires staff with many years of work. with profession.

There are always geniuses in different fields, and because they are geniuses, they don't have to spend a lot of time doing something good so why ask "how many years of experience" from them? We think this is a requirement that wastes young talents who are talented in the field of SEO Marketing - An industry that requires followers to have smart thinking, creativity and hard work. learn.

Here, we don't have the mindset of promising customer-partner businesses. There is nothing that can prove the success of a business through the profits and success of the marketing communications of that business, which directly shows the ability of that business to popularize the tastes. client. We will show businesses the success they want after working with our SEO services.

Vietnam SEO master

Keyword SEO service package

You may be wondering what the definition of keyword SEO service means, so we will explain it simply as follows: Keyword SEO service package is a service package that focuses on testing, evaluating prices and continuously update the quality of the keywords that the Website includes.

Different from the professional SEO service package, the keyword SEO service package focuses mainly on the quality of the keywords that increase the likelihood that the position of the associated business website is pushed to a high position.

How to price a keyword SEO service package? What criteria do we have?

For each unit doing SEO Marketing services is different, they have different ways of pricing every keyword SEO service package, but because you are reading this article at Viet SEO's Website, we usually price it. a keyword SEO service package through the following criteria:
  • The level of service quality that the affiliated business unit chooses the unit to directly do SEO services: There are some businesses that want to cut down some of the support services of the keyword SEO translation package in order to reduce the amount of money. of the service pack.
  • This of course directly affects the price of keyword SEO services. Usually a main service package is an SEO service package that will include additional support services to ensure stability and maintain traffic for the Website. This is not required, but it is a way for SEO services to help businesses and companies' Websites work more effectively.
  • The level of difficulty - ease of SEO keywords that your business provides to the market is also one of the main reasons affecting the price of SEO services. SEO keywords with words with a high degree of trend leading to intense competition between keywords must be handled through the hands of highly skilled SEO-er to be able to put a public website. corporate company to a high rank.
  • In contrast to keywords with gentler competition, not too intense, there will be no need for a "high-handed" human resource, so the cost specifically for this case will be cheaper than other schools. the rest that your business requires.
  • The success criteria that your business wants to achieve when using SEO services is one of the important criteria for pricing the cost of keyword SEO services. With simple criteria such as: Promote the position of the business website on the search engines, increase the amount of traffic to the website, etc., the price of service packages is usually not high. But if your business side requires relatively specific requirements such as: Domain name in the top 10 in Website rankings, etc., the price will have a certain difference.
  • For business websites that have never used SEO services before, the SEO service provider often has a lot of problems to solve, but for corporate websites, businesses have been passed by other agencies. SEO services, the cost to perform keyword SEO services will be reasonable and cheaper.

Through user research we can choose high quality keywords!

To be able to survive in the SEO Marketing industry for a long time, students or recent newcomers need to pay attention to constantly checking keyword quality through continuous research and user surveys. What does this work mean?

User research plays an extremely important role, it gives us information that with a customer's point of view and location they will search for services and products with keywords from there. brings us extremely quality and effective keywords for keyword SEO.

Use Long Tail Keyword – Smart and effective direction!

Using keywords Long Tail Keyword is always an effective way but there are very few people who use it, even most skilled SEO marketers do not often use this method because of the nature of the keyword. Long Tail Keyword.

Unlike keywords, keyword phrases will not cover all the possibilities of shoppers searching for products, but on the contrary, it will point directly to the website of the business company. Long-tail keyword phrases often succeed in gaining the upper hand in the rankings when shoppers search for that keyword phrase in the search engines.

The significant advantages of keyword SEO services

Keyword SEO is not weighted too much by Google's algorithmic rules like professional SEO. The bright point of keyword SEO is that it enhances the quality of keywords installed on the business website using the desired keyword SEO service.

The number of SEO keywords is many and dense, making the keyword coverage density wide and high. When potential customers search for keywords on search engines like Google, there is a high probability that they will hit the keywords installed in the Website, thereby bringing the Website to a high position.

It is possible to directly save some money dedicated to the spending and Marketing of businesses. Businesses when looking to SEO service providers are often advised to use service packages to save costs, this is not wrong, but for certain cases, we recommend that businesses Businesses should refer to the keyword SEO service package because it can save businesses from 20-30% of the cost of Marketing.
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