Professional and reputable keyword SEO service in Ho Chi Minh City

Our SEO Viet SEO team is committed to SEO services by contract, with a 100% refund mode if the ranking is not achieved as agreed. With more than hundred SEO website projects completed and putting thousands of different keywords in many areas at the top of the rankings, we are committed from the very beginning whether your keywords will get the desired rankings or not, if not. We will refuse to guarantee these commitments are reputable.

Before any SEO project, the Vietnamese SEO team always carefully analyzes keywords with separate analysis tools, analyzing competitors to come up with a reasonable SEO strategy, definitely to the TOP. .

For customers to be proactive and reduce risks, our team also offers a payment method according to the number of keywords to TOP, customers only need to pay 30% of the SEO contract value in advance, then if If there is a keyword to the TOP as agreed, the payment for that keyword will be paid, the cost for each keyword will also be agreed in the contract.

Refund mode: if the committed time has been exceeded, but the number of keywords to the top is not as in the agreement, we will immediately refund 100% of the cost you have paid before. It is the prestigious commitment we have made that has survived to this day.

Viet Nam SEO service resonates

What is Resonance SEO? is to help the keywords to the top quickly and overall, in addition, the surrounding satellite websites will also have good rankings. To do this, we need to deploy the content evenly on a weekly basis, The backlinks span in many different sites and also evenly on a weekly basis. In particular, a factor that is of little interest to people is website visits. Visitors can be obtained from advertising, referrals in social networks, forums, etc.

If your website has a large and stable traffic, you can completely ignore the standard SEO factors (basic is still better), but the keywords still go to the top according to each article. Of course, before that we have to have good ranking keywords with enough search volume to have large traffic, we also have to do SEO before that.

Viet SEO team has implemented SEO projects that resonate from the main website, to satellite websites, and blogs to TOP sustainably and quickly. This is not a new method, but it requires patience because it takes a lot of time. After the websites have reached the top of the committed keywords, these websites all have high popularity.

So then you just need to write a standard article according to the SEO tool that we have built into the website, that keyword can be on the top (of course that keyword is not too difficult), that is the resonance that the team Our team has built on a solid foundation.

In order to have a successful resonant SEO strategy, from the very beginning, we have systematically built SEO standard Websites, satellite websites and blogs in a standard and scientific manner. This construction method is drawn from our hundreds of website SEO experiences. Since this is a sustainable and safe SEO way, it takes more time and effort than most, so the cost of resonant SEO is not cheap.

Effective SEO service in Saigon Vietnam

In order for SEO to be effective, in addition to the Onpage and Offpage factors, we need to have certain expertise in the field in which we are conducting SEO. One very important thing to note is that we should not rush to speed up the process of increasing the website's rankings, everything takes time. Assuming you speed up to TOP, it is also very easy to drop rank.

For SEO to be effective, in addition to optimizing everything, the allocation of time to post articles, backlinks, and traffic must be natural. This is a basic mistake of some SEO people, doing a lot of things in a very short period of time, For example, post a lot of articles in a month, go a lot of backlinks in a week. …It will be very easy for your Website to be judged as Spam.

With specific experience, for SEO to be safe and sustainable, we should write 2-3 articles in 1 week, every 2 weeks we should update the backlink (the number of backlinks depends on the difficulty of the keyword), and visits should be updated regularly every day (We can track visits with Google Analytics).

Don't be proud when you have quality newspaper backlinks, now some effective SEO service providers in Ho Chi Minh City often have a long backlink system, not denying the effectiveness and prestige of these newspaper backlinks, But you should remember, everything that Google values is the user experience, so you should try to make everything the best for the customer (from product, to service, warranty, etc.) ...).

Effective SEO or SEO is all about bringing keywords to the top of the search page. The fact that we implement SEO for this keyword, but when we implement it, we go to the TOP with another keyword, it is also SEO but it is not effective, and the TOP drop rate is also very large if we are TOP incorrectly with the keyword. To be effective in SEO, the content needs to be clearly divided right from the time of keyword analysis so that the article ranks TOP correctly.

Vietnamese SEO team with long-term SEO experience will not let this situation happen, once ranked at the top, it must be correct. In addition, the efficiency here is also the conversion of customers when customers visit the Website. It is also a Sales experience combined with SEO to make everything efficient and unified.

Professional SEO services

Cheap SEO services in Viet Nam

Currently, it is not difficult for us to find cheap SEO advertising units, indeed they offer very cheap prices, but as analyzed above. To SEO website to the top requires a lot of resources and time, in addition, there is a need to learn about the field that needs SEO, so the cost of an SEO project is not cheap. However, if we need to keep in mind when looking for a cheap SEO service implementation unit:

Is it really possible to get to the TOP?: It is the first priority of all customers who need to find an SEO service in Ho Chi Minh City. Advertising, commitment is something everyone can say, but to keep credibility, it is one of the things we must pay attention to first, do not let the commitments deceive.

First we should check the Project Website that the unit has implemented. It is very difficult to determine if the website project is really implemented by that unit or not. With Viet SEO you can check by under each website there is a tagline "Website design by Viet SEO", or else you can check the website source code (Ctrl + U) to check. Then we should also identify that unit information by looking at the establishment time, the introduction information, the address. For peace of mind, we should go directly to the unit to discuss as well as see the business situation of the unit.

Is there a money-back guarantee?: As mentioned above, making a commitment is easy, but implementing it is difficult. But at least we should have a certain commitment to be more secure, after all, we are the ones who spend money, so we must have a worthy service.

It is also important to note the refund milestone, some units will refund 100%, some units will only refund a certain percentage, some will only refund when there are no top keywords, ie only need a few keywords that are easy to top to have reached the non-refundable milestone, etc. This is one thing to note before we look for an SEO service in Ho Chi Minh City.

Is it possible to keep TOP for a long time?: This is an issue that you also need to pay attention to first, currently there are a number of units implementing "black hat" SEO, ie helping your keywords to TOP very quickly in a very short period of time, but only for a short time standing TOP, these keywords will no longer appear on Google, even the website will be judged by Google as Spam and will no longer appear here. The only way to save this situation is to remake the new website with a completely new domain name.

Is it really suspiciously cheap?: I agree that there will also be a few units, who can implement that keyword cheaply, maybe because they have a built-in system related to our field, but but If it's really surprisingly cheap, then we should think again. Because SEO is not as simple as we often think.

We - Viet SEO Team, do not have cheap SEO services, but only SEO with the most affordable price. In addition, we all have prestigious commitments in the contract, there are projects that have been implemented, there are weekly and monthly work reports to give customers more peace of mind about what we have been doing.

SEO service in HCMVietnam quickly to the top

In fact, the time it takes for the Website to be on TOP takes 3-4 months with easy keywords, fairly competitive keywords from 6 months or more, if it is more difficult, it takes a whole year (The above milestones are relative and dependent on each other).

Depends on a lot of competition for specific keywords). We all want our Website to be on the top as quickly as possible, but keywords need time for Google to evaluate and rank slowly (sustainable and safe SEO). Inadequate speed, Every process takes time, if it is too fast, it is easy to be assessed by Mr. Go as Spam and severely fined.

There is a faster way to TOP than keyword advertising, of course, we will lose a cost for this service. Mr. Go is very fond of websites that pay for them instead of in the pocket of SEO units, we should consider this cost, because maybe if we follow it we will have to pay monthly and almost always determined, not to mention later there are other advertising competitors, leading to an increase in costs.

With fast SEO ways to TOP, Vietnamese SEO is not recommended, but we can still try, because there is only a percentage of Mr. Go detected and penalized, if we do everything naturally, we will still be fine. It can be somewhat reassuring, but Google is an extremely intelligent machine, and don't expect to ever hope to fool Mr. Go. We can try one way or another, And Mr. Go's apparatus also changes frequently, so it's better that we do everything carefully and firmly.

Viet SEO also does not commit to SEO to the top fast, only commits as quickly as possible for keywords. And you should also be calm with your SEO keywords, so that our website will be at the top overall, resonant and sustainable.
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Viet SEO company

There are many companies that specialize in providing SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City, and must be admired if that company can only exist in a fiercely competitive environment like Ho Chi Minh City. Often these companies must have additional services such as Marketing, website design, SEO training, SEO courses, etc. to be able to survive and maintain.

As you know, to implement an SEO project, it is necessary to spend at least 3 resources for 3 different positions, for a period of at least 6 months, not to mention the risks incurred. The cost for these people at the current living standard in Ho Chi Minh City is not cheap, so to be able to deploy it, there must be a minimum price of 6 million / month (basic salary for 1 person in HCMC).

Then there are the costs such as deploying backlinks, popularizing social networks, building satellite sites, advertising, etc. A lot of costs and a lot of risks. Companies deploying SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City have competed with each other at very close prices, almost only creating jobs for the community without making any profit.

Therefore, please consider choosing a reputable and quality company. Because the cost of implementation is very high, and our prices are always at the best, what needs to be discussed here is only the quality and reputation of each company.
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