What is professional SEO? Some of the roles of SEO in the company's business

In this day and age, the term SEO, as well as the SEO profession, is not too strange, it has even become a new trend in optimizing communication efficiency and business efficiency of businesses.

However, to be able to properly understand SEO, not everyone can understand it. So, let's buy and sell to find out what the SEO profession is, as well as the role of the SEO profession in the development of the company.

What is professional SEO?

Before we learn about what SEO profession is, let's refer to the definition of SEO first. SEO - short for Search Engine Optimization - simply understood as search engine optimization. When a website is considered an SEO standard, it means that the website has been optimized on the search page and is "favored" ranked on the top.

So, what is SEO profession? It is to make a certain website appear in the first (top 10) on a search engine (usually Google). As an SEO employee in an SEO service company, your job is simple: Optimize the company's website to appear on the first page of the desired search bar.

Types of SEO

1. Overall SEO

Overall SEO is the process of optimizing the entire website to improve user experience and search engine friendliness (Search Engine), helping search engines (usually Google) understand the website content most accurately. . Overall SEO is done by analyzing search needs, optimizing websites by topic clusters based on user queries.

Overall SEO will cover all short keywords to long keywords. This is a process that requires the implementer to have specialized skills and in-depth research experience in each field, to be able to SEO the website in the most perfect way.

2. Keyword SEO

This is considered a traditional SEO strategy. The process of implementing a Keyword SEO Strategy will only focus on putting short keywords of your business website on the first page of the search bar. The goal of doing keyword SEO is to increase the traffic of users' main keywords. Usually, the main keywords will be the keywords that businesses choose to get on the first page of search.

3. SEO Social

Social SEO is a specialized term for “social media SEO methods”. This is a free form of marketing, with many different purposes. With large sites, there will be millions, even billions of people using, interacting and sharing. When you write a great article or an impressive video and then post them on social networking sites, that content will quickly be shared, receiving many other interactions such as likes and comments.

4. Image SEO

Image SEO profession, to understand simply, it is optimizing images with SEO standards according to methods and techniques to help be friendly with search engines – usually Google. From there, the search engine will automatically rank your image at the top of the search results.

Image SEO is an important factor for overall website SEO, market coverage. Apply SEO standard image optimization techniques to help your images be recognized by the search engine's artificial intelligence and understand the content in the fastest way.

5. SEO App

App SEO is the process of improving and optimizing the visibility of an application on smart mobile devices (such as iOS/Android/Windows Phone devices) in an app store (such as iTunes for iOS). , Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry).

In addition, this SEO is also about helping apps show up in search engines (such as Google) with keywords related to it.

6. Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website based on keywords related to a specific locality or region. The purpose is to increase the visibility of the brand's presence on the Internet when searching for information about that locality.

Location-based SEO is a tool that brings your website to the top of geographically relevant search results on Google. Area-related keywords often have the formula “products, services + in/at + geographic area”. Some specific examples can be mentioned such as "fruits in Hanoi" or "going to the movies in Da Nang".

What is the work of SEO?

The first and most important of an SEO employee is to determine the job, work ability and progress of each SEO person. SEO is not simply putting keywords to the top, doing SEO is how to bring keywords to the top and make users click on our website.

SEO staff only need a computer and know how to use computers fluently along with taking an SEO course to do the job. So what are the requirements of SEO staff? Be hard-working, yes, just be patient, persistent and not hasty or discouraged.

The list of daily tasks of the SEO profession is described briefly through the following headings:
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What is the role of SEO profession to the company?

1. Cost saving

Unlike running ads, it is necessary to spend an amount of budget depending on the need for the website to appear on search engines. With SEO, the only thing you do is spend a lot of time building a resource system. This is considered one of the online marketing strategies to reach customers who are actively looking for products and services.

Besides, for large businesses, they will usually spend a lot of budget on advertising on Google to get a high position. Instead, businesses can invest in SEO right now to help their website stay on search engines, but it only costs a little. In particular, an impressive SEO content, attractive words, providing sufficient information to users will help the website achieve high rankings faster.

2. Create credibility for the business

It is undeniable that the higher the website ranks, the greater the trust of users. Combined with your business providing quality products and services, you will receive absolute trust from customers. Then the brand will quickly be known by many people not only depending on the SEO profession but also on the positive spread from customers.

3. Understanding user behavior

Every day, a large number of users visit the website to find information, products and services that are suitable for their needs. Thus, doing SEO can help businesses evaluate users specifically and understand customer behavior through searches.

From there, your business will know what customers need and want to have an effective online business strategy. Providing good information to a specific audience increases the likelihood that they will become your customers in the future by up to 70%.

4. Increase effective traffic

Considered a method to help optimize and improve the ranking of the website on search engines. It will mean that your website's ranking is on the first page when users search, then the visits to the website will increase gradually, thereby increasing the amount of user Traffic and bringing the necessary information to many audiences. more potential customers.

5. Help evaluate user experience

Customer experience is also considered a factor that needs to be optimized effectively in the process of website SEO. From the analysis and research when doing SEO, businesses can improve the problems that exist on the website, making it easier and more user-friendly to use and search at the website. Thereby enhancing the experience and attracting the best customers.
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Skills of SEO professional must have?

The SEO profession requires an understanding of many different fields, as well as the need to optimize those areas to ensure that the website can always receive the "favor" from the search engine bar. weak is Google. Specifically, some of the jobs of SEO can be mentioned as follows:

1. Need to know about IT

To put it simply, when doing SEO you need to know about IT, because the programming language is the language of the website. And only when you understand that language will you understand what the website needs. Most of you have to work on a computer, edit documents, install software to support the SEO process, analyze and measure results. So SEO does not need specialized IT knowledge, but basic knowledge is essential.

2. Need to be fluent in Copywriting

Copywriting is the most important thing in the SEO profession. That's because the factors to attract and retain readers are content, ability to express and useful information. No matter how well a website is optimized, but the content communicated to the reader is not useful, it will not last long.

3. Need a basic understanding of Design

You probably don't need to master design skills, but you do need to know the basic design tools. According to recent statistics, 75% of users are attracted by beautiful and impressive banners and websites.

In addition, Google relies on more than 200 criteria to rank websites, and design is one of the essential criteria. Therefore, being at the top of a website requires an impressive website, attractive rich images and useful practical videos. In addition, color and image synchronization will create credibility for your website as well as your business.

4. Need to know how to do Marketing

SEO and Marketing careers always go hand in hand. In today's era, when online marketing is growing day by day. The SEO profession has almost become an important profession to run good marketing. An SEOer does not need to be good at marketing, because Marketing is a very large field.

But doing SEO requires a solid knowledge of marketing. And that's how you write content the way a marketer does. Update and create trends, especially the ability to understand user behavior. To create content and images to promote users' click-to-order actions. Because in the end, to do SEO effectively means to help increase revenue for the business.

Career opportunities of SEO

The growth of the internet changed the way people shop from in-person to online. This creates a premise for online marketing, in which SEO is one of the effective tools. Through doing SEO, businesses can improve brand reputation and earn sustainable potential customers.

Moreover, many businesses are willing to hire SEO staff that do not require experience, with good remuneration and training from A - Z, so it can be seen that personnel in this field are lacking. big shortfall. That is a good opportunity for candidates to find themselves an SEO job.

Recognizing the important role of SEO, now businesses are very interested in investing in this field. If you take a look at the job market, you can see a huge amount of SEO job postings. This shows that this is an open career opportunity for young people. Large recruitment demand, shortage of personnel, good salary, high development ability are the characteristics that can be clearly seen in the field of SEO in our country today.

The salary of each employee or SEO professional is a question asked by many people. And similar to other positions, the salary of SEOers will depend on many factors such as: age, rank, experience, .... However, it can be generalized that the salary of the SEO profession for a newbie will range from 7 to 10 million VND.

Once you have experience and proven ability through real projects, SEO salary will change. In fact, SEO salary can exceed the threshold of over 15 million VND, maybe even up to 20 - 30 million VND is completely possible.

Some misconceptions about SEO

1. SEO profession is similar to IT job

It is true that knowing about IT makes SEO easy and can help your website easily reach the top of the search bar. However, to be able to do SEO, IT is just one of the necessary skills, but SEOs do not need to be as knowledgeable about IT as professional coders and developers.

2. SEO profession does not need the ability to write

As mentioned above, being proficient in copywriting is one of the most important requirements when doing SEO. So the ability to write well will be very important, because the words written by an SEOer will more or less affect the ranking of the website on the search engine bar.

3. SEO profession does not need to know Design

Having a good Design eye is not as mandatory as professional designers, but to be able to help attract customers to their website, SEOs need to know a little about design, color schemes as well. such as how to arrange images so that they can be most eye-catching for customers, as well as ensure photos will be "favored" by the search engine.
Completely opposite. The SEO profession and the Marketing profession go together like a shadow, and SEO techniques are one of the necessary and sufficient conditions to help the Marketing campaign run smoothly and smoothly.

Moreover, doing SEO also needs to regularly update new marketing trends, and vice versa to complement each other, contributing to the success or failure in enhancing the image and improving the business performance of the business.

SEO can be self-taught

It is true that SEO can be self-taught, but it is only self-taught very basic and completely superficial things. Therefore, to be able to fully learn about SEO, finding yourself reputable and high-quality courses as well as being ready to fight anytime, anywhere will help you improve your skills. practical skills and make SEO work more effective.


So through what has been mentioned above, hopefully you will get an overview of the SEO profession, as well as be able to understand the roles of SEO in business activities. of the company or enterprise. If you want to update more on other topics, please visit the website to receive the latest information!
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