17 questions related to website design services at Viet SEO

Welcome to the official website of VietSEO website design company. Here are 17 frequently asked questions while conducting website design for clients. Please consult before asking questions to VietSEO's consulting department.

Frequently asked questions about website design services

Here are 17 frequently asked questions while conducting website design for customers at VietSEO. Please consult before asking questions to VietSEO's consulting department.

01. What is a website, why do you need a website?

Website is an address consisting of one or more web pages displaying information and images on one or more topics, in the form of www.abc.com, www.abc.com.vn, www.xyz .net, www.abc.com ... Website includes all information, data, images about products, services and business activities that businesses want to convey to internet users.

To create conditions for interested subjects to learn information about the business and its products/services in the most convenient way - from any place and at any time. Besides, the website also helps businesses interact with customers or potential customers conveniently through the Internet. And businesses save a lot of communication costs such as postal, telephone, long-distance and international fax.

With such an important role, it can be considered that the website is the face of the company, a place to welcome and transact with customers online.

02. Why should a business have a website?

Every business should have a website. Because the website is really like a new, effective and very economic business channel for businesses in Vietnam. Currently, it fits the needs and habits of the majority of Vietnamese customers, whose number is constantly increasing. Website helps promote products/businesses, with low cost and convenience (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Today, customers do not have time to wait for businesses to send brochures or faxes because not only the product images are not clear, but also show the unprofessional and less modern nature of the business...

So don't think it's too early to talk about website design because the winners are often the pioneers so what are you waiting for without building a website of your own.

Another reason for you to start an online business as soon as possible is the fact that you may not be able to register the domain name you want (www.tencongty.com) because the domain name is being registered at high speed. about 50,000 names per day. It is extremely important to register a domain name that is right for your business before someone else loses it.

03. I'm wondering if I should make a website or not?

Any business or individual should have a website because a website helps promote products or businesses, with low cost and convenience (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Besides, doing business online (through the website) also expands opportunities to find customers and business partners not only in the country but also on a global scale. If there is no website, how to provide customers with information about the company and products in the fastest and most convenient way?

Today, customers do not have time to wait for you to send brochures or faxes because not only the product images are not clear, but also show the unprofessional and less modern nature of the business.

04. What are the benefits of a business website?

There are many ways your business can benefit from having a website of its own. Here are a few important aspects:

05. What are the minimum requirements of a website?

In order for a business to operate, it must meet three basic requirements:
If we temporarily consider a website as a business, to set up and put into operation a website must also meet at least 3 factors:

06. How much is the investment for the website?

For your web investment to be effective, you need to set the necessary goals for the website. There are many different levels of website investment depending on these goals. Therefore, you need to proactively set budget limits and criteria. Consultants can base on that to offer appropriate solutions. It is necessary to distinguish the initial investment budget and the annual budget for the operation and promotion of the website.

To be able to make the best investment decisions. Contact us for a consultation so you can pinpoint your goals.

07. Besides the cost of building a website, do I have to pay anything else?

Cost of domain name, cost of hosting, cost of updating content, maintenance, promotion of the website... These costs may or may not be included in the service packages. services of a website design service provider, you should check before signing up.

08. I'm so busy, I don't have time for a website?

If you do not have time to prepare content for the website, VietSEO is ready to guide and advise you on all things related to the website and its operation, from writing content to content, prepare images, etc.

Website design always requires a necessary investment, but VietSEO will make things simpler when you start preparing website content. Because VietSEO is professional in the field of website design and focuses on the economic efficiency of the website, it is guaranteed to build you a website with "Quality - Cost Saving - Efficiency - Impression from aesthetics to Content".

Website construction should not be delayed because competitors have but you do not, you are one step behind your competitors and may lose customers, opportunities, and benefits brought by the website.

Website design Viet SEO

09. I saw a friend say that making a website is not effective but no one comes to see it?

First of all, I would like to say that for a website to be effective, it is necessary to have a lot of factors: good marketing for the website, and good website quality, SEO standards, ...
Most websites in Vietnam today forget about website marketing, so no one comes to see it, so the website is not effective. Moreover, it is not easy to get successful website marketing quickly.

Therefore, in the process of VietSEO building websites for customers, the quality assurance and SEO standards of the website are always the top focus of ADC.

10. There are also many website design company contacting me to make a website, I don't know who to choose. Why should I choose Viet SEO?

Currently, there are many companies providing website design services, the prices are very competitive and the service quality and service quality are also very diverse. You can request many places to quote the same website design for you.

However, only when starting to implement, you can evaluate the quality of service and service attitude, quality of website, hosting ... VietSEO has been very successful and professional in the field of website design, Focusing on website quality, online marketing, should meet the needs of building and marketing websites for your business.

VietSEO puts prestige and service quality on the top, ensuring competitive prices. Therefore, customers are completely assured and satisfied with their choice.

11. What will it be like to change information on the website, who is in charge, and is there a cost?

If you build a product database, you are trained to update product information yourself and can update it at any time, just by accessing the Internet.

12. In case the website has a problem, is broken by a hacker... how will it be handled?

It is normal for a website on the network to have problems due to hackers intentionally breaking it or sometimes the website is down for a few minutes. No one can guarantee 100% that the website is not broken.

13. After making the website, how can the website be effective?

After you have a website, you have to market it in many ways.

Viet SEO provides website promotion services with Google Adwords so that you don't have to worry much about making your website effective. As for you, you must pay attention to updating information for the website, quickly replying to emails from customers.

14. How long does it take to design a website?

Usually 30 days from the date the customer provides full information and pictures. If customers need it urgently, VietSEO can do it within 15 days. Special cases can be negotiated.

On average, after 30 working days after signing the contract, the website will be fully designed before handing over and testing. VietSEO will train you with basic skills for good website management.

15. What do I need to prepare for website content?

Usually a website has the following content: If you have more special requirements, you will have to prepare the content and illustrations for those sections.

16. How do I verify the effectiveness of the website once it's up and running?

There are two ways to verify:
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17. Why is the website not working efficiently?

Most businesses with websites complain that their website is not effective for business. The reason is that businesses do not know how to manage websites and exploit the benefits of the website.

In particular, two reasons that businesses with websites often make are: Website is built, then "forgotten", not marketing the website. For example, if a new product of a business is produced and there is no marketing activity to promote that product, will the market know about that product?

Therefore, after building a website, businesses must focus on marketing their website, both online marketing and traditional marketing (such as printing the website address on business cards, including the website address in advertisements). , packaging, transaction documents of enterprises).

There are many ways to market your website online. This marketing (both online and in the traditional way) aims to make people know and can find your website.

There are many ways to market your website online and Viet SEO supports free consultations for customers who have designed websites at ADC on methods of website promotion so that people can know about products as well as increase sales for you. client.
If you do good marketing, have many visitors, but the content, form, and function of the website are poor and unprofessional, it will be difficult for people to come back to see it a second time. Moreover, the risk of being underestimated by customers of the professionalism of the business if the website of the business is not carefully taken care of, making the business lose many sales opportunities.
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